Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Corner View- Lonely Together

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This week is lonely together. It only took a few moments to decide what to photograph. Three weeks ago we planted paperwhites in mason jars, with glass pebbles instead of dirt. Eliana keeps excitedly telling them "Grow. Grow. Little flowers!" They have come to have a bit of personality. So there they sit by the cold window on the winter nature table. Flowers meant for warmth, sunshine, and rich deep dirt. Separated by glass jars and space instead of nestled together. They seem so out of place, lonely for spring and earth, captive, and lonely together.

Dear readers, Do you have plants that seem to take on personality that you fuss over?


  1. I think they'd be happier in the richness of the soil, but maybe they are a reminder of the fact that the power of nature is that life can thrive and growth can happen in the most improbable circumstances.

  2. Your paperwhites are doing wonderfully. And I used to have house plants that I pampered - one was a housewarming gift I had for 20 years... UNTIL I adopted two kittens in April. Now I only have 1 houseplant and that's only because they can't get to it!

  3. They look very decorative, I think :)

  4. all the time, honey... ;))) and anyway, you will probably be able to plant the bulbs outside after they've bloomed inside, no? no loss, all gain..!