Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy and Free Clothing: Shoot 1

I am so excited! After weeks of hard work the first photo shoot was this past Sunday. Jason started work again on Monday so he hasn't edited them yet. But I wanted to show a few of them off anyway. More shirts are in production now for another shoot next week.

Informerly introducing:
The "I Am" line. Messages read in the mirror, a hug for yourself and a reminder of your value. Encouraging, inspiring, provoking thought and above all loving yourself!

"I Am, Strong, Graceful,Lovely, Powerful, Funny, Peaceful, Relevant, Capable, Honest, Wonderful, Possible, Inspiring, Authentic, Whole, Valuable, I Am Me"

"Creativity is Endless, Inspiration Boundless, And Love Infinite, How do I choose to use them today?"

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