Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Nature Table

This is the start of our Winter table. Instead of starting it on Solstice I decided to begin it now. November and Autumn feel very far away. I placed everything this morning before E gets up and remarked to J that it looked so cold and barren. Exactly like winter. I used a white silk scarf for snow and left the barren earth tan cloth on the table as well. I had planned on placing the snow scarf and a yet-to-be-made King Winter on the occasion of our first snow but as that was last week the scarf will stay but King Winter will wait.

We have a Nativity as well but we have placed it on a special shelf. E was so desperate for a baby Jesus that Joseph was a stand in, and since she is so tiny yet (2.10) I went ahead and put Jesus in the manger. Whom she promptly removed to Marys arms "Baby Jesus, wants out, wants milk milk!"


  1. I think little E had the right instinct - why isn't baby Jesus in his mother's arms in Nativity scenes?

  2. Oh, I meant to answer your question about the paper snowflakes (I left a reply on my blog too). THe paper snowflakes are on the OUTSIDE of the jars, glued with Mod Podge - so no risk of burning!

  3. Star- I love the winter nature table. I had to look twice when your pictures came up. We have nearly the exact same branch on our nature table even with a similar lean. I really like that you have a few leaves on it. It looks really cute. Have a great weekend -Jaime.

  4. I love your nature table, what a pretty branch, and just the right things out to represent the coming winter :)

  5. Carrie: Thank you! I adore the felted Dala horse on your site. We were stationed a year in Minot, ND which has a strong Scandinavian culture and we fell in love!

    Francesca:Thank you! Thank you for answering my question about the candle jars. I cant imagine Mary just leaving Jesus in a manger and staring at him. The creepiest thing I have seen is a snow globe with baby Jesus inside and Mary and Joseph peering at him from outside the globe!

    Happy Whimsical Hearts: Thank you! I think a parachute woman is just in order for this cold rainy day here. Great idea!

    Jaime: Thanks you! That is neat! Where did your branch come from? Ours I cut off the crepe myrtle in our back yard. Which was funny to me since I had spent a long hike at the farm looking for the perfect one. I scrolled through your blog looking for a picture but could not find one. Would love to see it.

    Marie: Thank you! Your work is delightful!

    April: Thank you! I left a reply to your Santa and Straw Star post.