Primal Food

The way of eating that works with our family, and my T2 diabetes, is a blend of Primal/Paleo/Low Carb. We have low carbed before with stunning results. Check out the posts previous to this date. The most spectacular result was finally becoming pregnant!

We officially started 1 November 2011. I weighed 257 and a size 18-20.

How has it been working for me?
12 November: My clothes fit better, I have more energy, my mind is clear and I am down 10 of the 80lbs I need to lose! Current weight 247lbs

Paleo Parenting!

Mark's Daily Apple

Elana's Pantry, superior gluten free recipes, I have tested dozens of them!

Paleo Comfort Foods
My all time favorite Paleo/Primal cookbook! Nothing I have made from this has failed to meet our approval or be gobbled up.

Everday Paleo
Another favorite cookbook complete with exercise plan and great photos. Love the food I have made from this!

The wonders of seaweed can be read about in this clearly written and concise article: A Visual Guide To Seaweed at Mark's Daily Apple.

About Raw Milk

Fast Paleo is a site filled with drool worthy photography and easy recipes, fyi a few of them contain course language, if that offends skip over those words or move on to another recipe.