Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rainy day fun!

Today was a very rainy day, it still is! Too rainy to even go out driving so we stayed in. I have been struggling with making a choice as to what to do about an advent calender, today, while crafting, I just created one. Done. It is great for this year and now I have a whole year to consider what I want for next year.

At breakfast, I talked to her about Jesus being God's gift to us and the Light of the World and so we light candles. That we were supposed to have lit a candle last Sunday (candles came in midweek) and one today, and that the last one lit will be for Christmas Day and Jesus' birth. Then I lit both candles and we asked blessing. After the meal she blew them out. Honestly, I am not certain even when we are to light them.

We started out the morning crafting listening to Vivaldi and also some Christmas carols. E is currently infatuated with Jingle Bells and sings it all day long. I am thankful for a reprieve from the VeggieTales theme. While we listened we made snowflakes out of popsickle sticks, glue, and glitter.

Then we glued cotton balls onto popsickle sticks as snowmen with,of course, glitter. Glitter is lovely sometimes but I rarely bring it out because it is worse than sand. So, it maintains it's special status.

While she finished her snowman I created that advent spiral I mentioned. We are going to use a cottonball as a snowball to move to each glittered star.

Later, we found ourselves making popsickle stick puppets from her sticker album, playing Under the Sea, and creating a scene whilst the puppets swam and bubbled and talked to one another.

Then it was time for glittered jasmine scented snow dough.

The recipe is:

2c all purpose flour
1c of very hot water (or enough to make a good dough)
1/2c salt
2TB cream of tartar
1TB oil (I used almond as I was out of vegetable)
Essential oil, I used Jasmine in Jojoba oil tonight

Put all in a bowl and mix well, turn out onto table and knead (or play) for 5-10 minutes. Add more flour if needed. Poke holes in and add a few drops of essential oil. While kneading add up to 1/4c of glitter. Store in a bag in the refrigerator for weeks.

A very rich rainy day indeed!

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