Monday, November 14, 2011

Skate Park Play, Scissors, and Shapes

Today we met friends on a Minot windy day. I was envisioning ski sailing across North Dakota. Yikes! We rolled cars down the hills, rolled down the grassy hills, and slid, alot. Seven children having a wonderful time, as well as three happy moms.

Hold your breath for this video! No one was harmed today, just many holes in clothes and undies.

After the park we had to go to PetSmart and the market. At PetSmart we talked awhile about many kinds of fish and items that you would use in a terrarium. She also did her favorite things- paying a visit to cheer the rescue cats, and watching the groomers shave and trim dogs. She is currently loving to weigh our produce and call off the numbers that the needle points to. After, we rode the carousel and she picked up the gun. J and I have been shooting a BB gun with her at Nana's. She loves it.

Tonight we spent an hour just cutting paper into shapes, snowflakes, dog collars, cat toys, airplanes, and talking about squares, triangles, and rectangles.


  1. I like your blog! Just wanted to let you know I tried the video but it says it is set on private.

  2. Thanks! I changed it up, thank you for telling me.