Saturday, November 12, 2011

Creating A Rhythm

"...Rhythm is the daily, weekly and yearly recurring activities in our lives. There is something so magical about such a simple concept. Children thrive on familiarity and consistency. It is a sense of security for them, they feel safe and reassured to always know what comes next, to have a predictable day, a rhythm they can count on... Is rhythm just a fancy word for schedule. NO. While they have similarities, rhythm is more about a gentle flow, a knowing of what comes next, whereas a schedule is more rigid and by the clock..." Quote from an article by Nicole from Frontier Dreams over at The Magic Onion

Our household needs a rhythm. I have drug my feet about this because I used to think the idea of having to breathe every moment for the rest of my life sounded oppressive and tiresome. I am slowly opening myself up to embrace the joy of a rhythm. Which come to think of it may be why I find playing music so difficult! This has been complicated by J's swing shift schedule. This morning I decided to forge ahead anyway. Friday night family movie night? What if he isn't here? E and I are family! What does get complicated is having one vehicle. I can't say every Tuesday is Library day because public transport is nonexistent here and taxis are very expensive. I think the answer to this is to have an either/or listed that hinges on transportation.

A new week starts tomorrow and so does our family's rhythm!

MONDAY: Baking Day
TUESDAY: Art Day or Library Day
WEDNESDAY Handwork Day or Park Day
THURSDAY: Wash Day or Market Day
FRIDAY: Craft Day
SATURDAY: Gardening Day

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