Friday, November 11, 2011

Disc Golf and Waxwings

This week we have been talking about autumn, especially about birds, birdfeeding and identification, and tree identification. We have been doing lots of leaf gathering which we are going to dip in beeswax to preserve and decorate with. Spent a lovely day at Stuart Nelson Park and the Greenway Trail. It was a bit chilly and very windy and I forgot E's hat but luckily I had a bandanna, turning her into my li'l babushka.


E pulled the stroller down the trail after pushing it awhile. "Mush!"

We stopped at the bridge and saw a rather large fish in the creek. And sat to have some homemade Lara bars because I have always wanted to picnic on a bridge.

Then E slid down the hill to join J for creek crossing, then with me, and then again with J. Lots of fun! Balance and coordinate and observe!

After, I caught a glimpse and then a good long look at an entire flock of gorgeous Cedar Waxwings. They were merrily feasting on berries, which we are going to identify today, that grew on the side of the trail. E spotted a lovely butterfly. And then we were off to play disc gold with Da. E copied everything he did, from sitting on a bench in the woods to tighten her shoes, to purposely trying to hit a tree with her disc (what J is trying to avoid doing on this windy day), every launch was met with enthusiastic clapping by E.

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